Saturday, August 18, 2012

What a wonderful week!

Wow is all I can say!  Super excited for this past week!

But first have to share this awesome photo of my nails I did last night:

This is our Multipile Chevron and Teal Sparkle Jamberrys!  I love mixing and matching.  Think this would look awesome if the nails were all Teal Sparkle and the ring finger Chevron!
(do you like my vintage green and yellow carpet in the back - LOL)

So back to my week...

I added two girls to my Jamberry team!!  And they both contacted me about it just from my posts!  Rebekah my first girl, I had sent a catalog and samples to her and her mom, and next thing I know she is wanting to be a consultant as well!  Horray!

Then my friend Consetta contacted me inquiring about them and decided to join as well.  

I am so excited for both of these ladies!!

 One of my projects I got finished...

I finally got my living room wall updated from Valentines Day decorations (I know a little late, but I've been busy...)

I had these old bottles and had my sister-in-law take some of my favorite photos and had them printed off into small squares and rectangles.  

Now I'm talking about 1 1/2" by 1 1/2"
Some are in color, some in black and white and I just LOVE them!

Now just to get her some more photos as I have more bottles I want to do!

I just cleaned the bottles real good and used Puzzle Modge Podge on the back of the pictures.
Simple and easy!

My right photo is hanging (big time) crooked, plus the nails to hang them on are a bit off, but the walls are solid 12" of concrete, so might be awhile till some new ones get put on.

I have since adjusted it, and love my mini photos!  They are on a vintage 7up crate, the three hearts I felted myself and the flower bouquet my daughter Tori did several years ago and took first place at our local county fair.  The two egg carton flowers she made me in school when she was in first grade, and will now be 16 in September!

We have just moved in this past year, and I tore out all the old wallpaper.  It amazingly only took 5 minutes to do the living room!  No scraping, just started pulling and down she came.

Hope you have a fun weekend!  Its only to be in the 80's so I'm headed back outside.

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