Friday, January 30, 2009

Another article Hunters MUST read!!

Here is another article I found about the Colorado Legistation - there are other states that have pending legistation and they have already passed similar laws in Virginia and Lousiana as well!!

Don't let this happen!!

Please call or send an e-mail against it! Here is a link Legislative Action Center to check out your Legislators and PLEASE call or send them e-mails against this!

Even if you don't live in one of these states - it will eventually affect you! This is very serious and if you value your hunting rights in any way, please help say "NO" to these bills.

If you do not live in these states, please pass this information along to other as it will be coming to a state near you!

Colorado Sportsmen Should Oppose "Puppy Mill" Bill
Immediate Action Needed

New legislation in Colorado aimed at cracking down on “puppy mills” has been introduced that would severely damage if not destroy sporting dog kennels. Sportsmen and sporting dog owners are urged to oppose this bill.

Like many “puppy mill” bills the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) has seen emerge recently, House Bill 1172 treats all dog breeders with the same iron fist. By imposing an arbitrary cap on the number of unsterilized dogs (25) that can be kept, this bill misses the idea that many sportsmen and sporting dog kennels prefer to keep their dogs intact for hunting or field trialing.

While the proponents of these types of legislation claim these measures are aimed at “puppy mills” – large scale commercial breeding operations that operate solely to sell dogs – limiting the number of dogs housed in turn hurts sporting dog kennels and other hobby breeders such as show dog enthusiasts. If they truly wanted to target the abusive commercial breeding operations they would set their sights on the numbers of dogs sold each year, not on the private kennels that might occasionally sell or transfer a dog.

“This bill is a one-size-fits-all approach. It treats a private kennel that sells or transfers a few dogs the same as a commercial operation that sells 500 dogs a year, said Rob Sexton, vice president of government affairs for the USSA. “These provisions will absolutely kill sporting dog breeders in Colorado.”

Additionally, the bill requires that each dog be annually certified by a veterinarian that they are in “suitable health” to breed. This would significantly increase the financial burden placed on kennel owners, many of who never sell dogs.

“Provisions such as this make sportsmen wonder if the true intent of this legislation is not to price sporting dog breeders completely out of existence. Sportsmen are getting nailed for the bad actions of abusive commercial breeders,” said Sexton.

Colorado sportsmen need to contact their state representatives to let them know that when dealing with “puppy mills,” there needs to be protections for honest sporting dog kennels to ensure their continued existence.

Take Action! Colorado sportsmen must contact their state representatives today. Urge them to oppose this measure and ask that before any legislation is passed they ensure it includes protections for sporting dog kennels.

To find your state representative’s phone number, please use the Legislative Action Center.

For more information regarding the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alert Network, call 614-888-4868, or email Greg R. Lawson, director of communications at or Sharon Hayden, assistant director of communications at

This article was copied in full and directly from:

"Puppy Mill" Bills in several states will affect hunters all around!

Here is yet one more way the government is trying to take away our rights.

You may not be a breeder or own several dogs, but if they get this passed, they won't stop. Next they will start to limit how many horses, chickens, cows, cats, lizards (you get the point), that you can own.

If HUSA is really wanting to help this situation they would be trying to help fund the States in providing more inspectors and not letting people treat their dogs terrible!

What they are doing is using a select few bad apples to insinuate that all breeders treat their dogs as a "puppy mill".

Unfortunatully this is just another ploy by HUSA (Humane Society) to get the public sympathy and more money for their "non-profit" cause!

I'll hunt and eat meat to my hearts content! Vegans - you've been warned!! :)

Here is the article copied in full from the website of:

US Sportsmen Alliance

“Puppy Mill” Mania Ensnares Sporting Dog Breeders

Sportsmen Action Needed in Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, and Nebraska

One of the newest, and most insidious, tactics used by the anti-hunting movement in its war on our heritage involves the regulation of so-called “puppy mills.” Right now, major efforts are underway to pass legislation mandating extremely onerous regulations on all dog kennels in numerous states throughout the nation. Sportsmen must oppose these efforts.

The USSA has been busy sending state action alerts to sportsmen in Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, and Nebraska in an effort to oppose this growing movement. If these bills pass, legitimate sporting dog kennels could easily find themselves out of business in those states. Also, it is practically guaranteed that this mania won’t stop there.

Lumping sporting dog breeders into the whole debate over “puppy mills” is a sly way of attacking the entire foundation of breeding sporting dogs. Anti-hunting groups like the Humane Society of the United States understand this very well, which is why they are always speaking up and pushing as broad a piece of legislation as they can in every state.

Take Action! Sportsmen in these states must contact their state legislators today. Urge them to oppose the following measures and ask that before any legislation is passed they ensure it includes protections for sporting dog kennels.

In Colorado, HB 1172 sponsored by Representative Beth McCann (D- Denver), currently in the House Agriculture, Livestock, & Natural Resources Committee

In Illinois, HB 198 sponsored by Representative John Fritchey (D- Chicago), currently in the House Rules Committee

In Minnesota, Senate File 7 sponsored by Senator Don Betzold (DFL- Dist 51), currently in the Senate Agriculture and Veterans Committee.

In Minnesota, Senate File 201 sponsored by Senator Steve Dille (R- Dist 18), currently in the Senate Agriculture and Veterans Committee

In Nebraska, LB 241 sponsored by Senator Rich Pahls (Dist- 31), currently in the Agriculture Committee

To learn more details about the individual bills in each state, please click on the following links: Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, and Nebraska.

Remember, all sportsmen should get into the action. While a legislator in one state only cares about their own constituents, you can still play a key role by alerting fellow sportsmen you know in those states about these atrocious bills. Also, by passing the word along, you’ll help keep everyone vigilant and on the look out for similar legislation in their own states.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hunting for... Piegons???

OK, so the weekend didn't start out with us hunting for Pigeons.

Let me start at the beginning.

Paul, Brian and Will called and announced they were coming out for the weekend to go Duck, Snow Goose and Cottontail hunting.

The weekend came, and the guys showed up (Will with awesome ground STRONG coffee for the early morning!).

We decided to check out the ponds first, although we were not expecting much, as it was a touch chilly and figured the ponds might have ice on them or be completely froze over.

We headed south and out across the pastures. We came upon our first hole, and without even getting within 100 yards, saw it was already frozen.

Ugh. The day wasn't going to be too promising for taking down a few birds! With Will coming out, the wind also decided to show up (it does every time he comes - he's be threatened to have to stay home next time!) so the birds we were after were not flying or around anywhere.

We slowly made our way down to 4 mile and out to the old farm house. Up and over the ridge behind it is a nice small pond that is normally a pretty good spot for the birds as there is vegetation and cover close by.

Again, our luck ran bad. So Matt decided to unload his pistol into the ice, (possibly hoping to break it up for the next birds in?).

I also know he just likes to shoot so that could have been part of it.

We then decided to head up to the Peterson ground and go hunt up a few Prairie Dogs if they were out.

We took back roads over, got Will completely lost, and found Paul and Brian already shooting at them!

Again, our luck ran dry pretty quick, as they went back in their holes as soon as the first shot was fired off!

So, with nothing better to do, what else but play shoot the can!

Everyone had guns out and the can was just a small scrap of aluminum once we were done.

Will had me shoot his 22 and I loved it!

Its a smooth surface, and a dang accurate shot.

(Will, if you ever want to part with her, you
know where to find me!)

We then decide to go to Johnson's consequent to try from some Pigeons. Yes, I said Pigeon!

We put Brian up on the hay bales, and the rest of us walked around to the other side.

Matt tried walking into the building, but before he could even get there, out they came!

We were able to take down 4 birds (not much, but we weren't really ready to shoot!)

Sunday rolls around (after an awesome night of Deer steaks, Potato Salad, bean dip, grilled mushrooms and onions, and baked potatoes!) and we decided to check ponds first.

With Will coming out, the wind also decided to show up (it does every time he comes - he's be threatened to have to stay home next time!) so the birds we were after were not flying or around anywhere.

We decided to head down to Grandpa Willies old place and check out the Pigeon population.

You can actually eat the breast of a Pigeon, as long as it is not a city bird!! Trust me, you don't want to eat them if they live in the city and all the nasty stuff they eat!

We got to Willies' and all headed in different directions. We were able to get a few there, then went back up to Johnson's and scared them back out of the consequent again!

The guys then decided to try to "track" them over the hill to see if they could get any closer and have them circle back around. After a bit of shooting and laughing at the guys, they didn't get much done.

As the wind was still blowing (it does a lot out here!), the guys decided they better head home and go get honey doos done to satisfy the wives!

We cleaned the birds, they took home the meat, and I got the feathers! (the girls for Prom have no idea where the purple and teal feathers come from for their corsages!)

Another great weekend of driving all over, great conservations with friends and a new windblown hairdoo!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New World Record Elk taken in Utah!


The dream many have...finding and legally taking a world record Elk (or any other animal for that matter!)

The hunter, Dennis Austad of Ammon, Idaho; had obtained an Elk Conservation Permit from the Utah Conservation Department for $150,000.00 to be able to hunt anywhere in the State of Utah over several months.

The elk nicknamed "The Spider Bull" for his non-typical rack (meaning that it had ununiform spikes), was certified by the Boone & Crockett Club, based in Missoula, MT as having a score of 478-5/8.

It rack is also know as a 9 x 14, meaning the left antler had 9 points while the right had 14 points. Now that's a big bull!

But even if you are not after the "Big Boy", and just enjoy hunting; Elk hunting is a great experience.

I have been invited to come for the past two years, and although I haven't bagged my Elk yet, there still out there waiting for me.

Its amazing to be in the mountains and to know these great animals are sharing your space around you, and not only Elk. You can find all different wild animals when you are in the mountains hunting.

I sometimes get more carried away taking pictures and following tracks of other animals to try to "see" them, I have to stop and start to look for the Elk again (but, please don't tell my husband this!).

The beauty and fresh air is something you can't forget. This past year more women and kids were taking part in hunting and it was really neat to see families together!

You can go to the Boone and Crockett Club site here to check out the picture!