Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 3 (remainder), 4 & 5 of my Anabolic Diet

So day three in the afternoon early evening we actually stayed watching my brother and the CW firemen participate in the State Fireman games. After a 5 hour longer than planned stay and a lot of sun. I had only eaten 4 small deli slices of thinly sliced ham with two slices of American cheese and about 4 pieces of the most wonderful flavored steak skewer I shared with my sister and kiddos. We drank lots of water and I did have a large McDonald's Carmel iced coffee.  

Getting home I did grill up some minute steaks and popped some baked potatoes in the oven for he family. I had a piece of the steak then also had chilies with refried beans and melted Velveeta with ChiChis salsa mixed in. It was awesome. Normally I would have wrapped the chili/beans/cheese mixture up in a tortilla. 

More water and off to bed, sunburn and all. 

Sunday - day 4

Sunday I made 3 eggs for breakfast and coffee. For lunch I reheated leftovers from the night before (exact same meal). 

The Mechanic and I played softball for an hour and half and I also did some weight lifting in shoulders. 

We got Subway takeout. I went with a spinach salad with tomato, steak, pepper jack cheese, onions, green peppers, and a bit of vinegar. I did add two boiled eggs to it at home. Again lots more water. 

Feeling pretty good and leaner. No bloated feelings or puffiness. Not really craving anything. 

Monday Day 5

This morning I drank dang newt an entire pot of coffee with SCM!!  Had two over easy eggs. Lunch consisted of a long beef polish sausage, 4 celery stalks with peanut butter which was by fat my favorite. Again more water. 

I did have a week moment and had several Hershies Kisses with peanut butter. More water. 

For supper I made a roast and had onions and a large salad with tomato, cucumber, two cooked eggs and sunflower seeds. And more water.

Feeling tired and uninspired today. This eveni g I was gracing something sweet. I did cut up a fresh strawberry and added water and a drop of lemon essential oil to it. Worked great for getting something that was just sweet enough. Took away then craving. 

I am still staying leaner than I was. Me Mechanic evens sled what I was doing as he could tell I wasn't as bloated in the evening. 

Hoping tomorrow brings more energy. Althought I did he outside in the core weather to finish up!  

Till Tomorrow!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 3 Anabolic Diet

Guess I must be drinking enough water as I had to pee twice in the middle if the night and I haven't had to do that since I was pregnant!  And no, I'm not expecting.

The second thing I have noticed is a funky taste in my mouth. Not really dry mouth but just funky. So I'm brushing even more. 

This morning I made three eggs over easy in butter three slices of turkey bacon cooked in butter and two large celery sticks, and a couple cups of coffee with SCM. 

Still feeling pretty good and more lean than I had been. 

Off to watch my brother compete and bring home some trophies at the Fireman State Games! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 2 - Anabolic Diet

Woke up this morning feeling pretty good but with a sore neck.  The Mechanic had to run to Oklahoma in the middle of the night - so when two little ones ended up in bed with me - I found the couch.  Needless to say my neck had a kink or two in it this morning.

I started my day with a large glass of Lemon water (I use Young Living essential oils - contact me if you want to get signed up or order some!)

Wasn't too hungry and had planned to work out right away, but this dang jewelry making and my creative mind got in the way.  Here are some quick photos:

Working on making a necklace.  Oh I love doing this!!

 Pendant for another necklace.

This girl is started.  I am trying to decide how I want to hang the vintage pin in the middle for the focal.  Loving this one as well. 

These are sure going to be hard to sell as I am going to want to keep them all!

Bits and pieces I started with.

So back to my eating day:

3 cups of coffee through out the day (added sweetened condensed milk)

Several glasses of water.

For breakfast I cooked up 3 eggs and since we had some of our hunters here last weekend they brought some Turkey bacon.  I fried it up and then thought, I have to have a veggie in here.  So I grabbed some frozen spinach and cooked it in Coconut Oil (which I have actually been using on my face and hair!)

Threw it all on a plate and dug in.  Spinach like that - all I can say is YUCK.  I ran for the garlic salt and pepper.  It did help, but I had to tell myself to just eat it quickly.  Won't be doing that one again.  Did I say yuck?!

Turkey bacon isn't bad but good old pork bacon can't be beat!

Lunch was  - hum I can't even remember!!!  This is not good.  But it was good for me - no cheating there.

I did have another chocolate and peanutbutter egg for a snack with water.

Supper I cooked up some fish (who knows what kind but it did come from Alaska - that much I know)  I think it was trout.  Baked it in butter and lemon oil and had some green/red peppers that I had previously cut up and froze.  I threw some olive oil and garlic salt then put them in the oven as well.

Supper was quite yummy.  I was still a .bit hungry so I had a small chunk of PepperJack cheese.

I now need to go to the grocery store! :)

I did get some leg exercises in several times today.  When I started this morning I was in the middle of lunges and low and behold I look out my window and there is a freakin' snake acting like he owned the place.  He now resides in the ditch across the road!  Oh - and is dead!

So I kinda did exercises all day long.

So far feeling pretty good.  Not craving anything.  Hungry, but not hungry (like normal).  I don't feel bloated and I have been peeing - a lot!  :)

Really need to dig out our scale and weigh myself!

Till tomorrow-

Day 1 - Anabolic Diet

After having baby #4 (she turned a year in May), I have been trying to lose weight the healthy way.

I have been trying to exercise regularly as well as eating better - healthier and not processed/junk food.

I have been doing decent but not to the point of where I would really like to get down to.  I had really hoped to get to wear a nice - cute - swimsuit (ok, the bikini might have been a far shot - but hey, you gotta have goals).

I tend to hold a lot of weight  - and not the good kind in my belly.  My arms and shoulders are starting to look decent and my calves and thighs really are not too bad, just that dang belly that won't seem to reduce in size (ok so it has, but the rest needs to go bye-bye!)

I have decided to try the Anabolic Diet.  I follow several workout people/body builders on Instagram and one of them @Melissasarahwee has an AWESOME body - she is muscled out - and has been doing the anabolic diet to lean up. 

I looked it up and of course ordered the book.  After searching a few places online I also found some great information at  Although I don't have my book yet, I have already started. 

From what I did find you can start with the 12 day - basic detox of carbs.  I'm talking carbs from breads, noodles, rices ect.  Not the carbs from veggies.  You also stay away from fruits. 

The idea behind this is to be able to get your body to rely on burning its fat stores instead of relying on food to burn.  With doing this type of diet you are also to be weight training (which I am).

You are basically loading up on protein for 5 days then load up on carbs for 2 (the weekend).  I am starting with a 12 day no carbs.  This will actually work perfect for me as the two days on will be the weekend.

They do say you can become moody, tired, not feeling well for anywhere from a week or so after starting lasting a few days to a week as your body becomes accostomed to a new eating habit.  - Someone might inform my husband - as he doesn't know I am starting this (although the worst thing is he will be saying I always told you to eat more protein - I can hear it already!).

I started yesterday.  Here is how I ate:

Breakfast - didn't have anything but a few cups of coffee with sweetened condensed milk.  The coffee is ok - they actually say to use heavy cream in it (didn't have) and the SCM - unsure.

Lunch I had a long polish sausage, 2 long celery sticks and one other thing - but at this exact time it has slipped my mind - dang age!!  Ate it all without any problems.  Also had a touch of ketchup as you can have condiments/spices so your food is not drab!  Oh - PepperJack cheese slices!  (Yummy). 

After lunch I though, ok I can do this.  Everything was good and it did fill me up - more than I thought it would.  I also had 2 large glasses of water.

For a snack I did have a few chocolate eggs - not sure if they are on the eat or don't eat till weekend list - with peanut butter (double yum!)  My wonderful (she really is) mother-in-law decided to bring all their left over Easter candy to my house...

I also had several glasses of water thru the day.

For supper I cooked up a pre packaged (Yes I know, trying to stay away from them - but my father-in-law brought them and asked for it) chicken/pasta/veggies/sauce all in one meal.

Now before, I would have ate the chicken and pasta, a few pieces of carrots and the corn in it.  NO broccoii would have even touched my plate.  And the garlic bread to go with it.

Last night I had the chicken, broccoli, corn, and carrots.  I also added 3 hard boiled chicken eggs.  We do get quite a few eggs as we have 11 laying girls!!

Again was pretty good. 

I lifted arms and a bit of back last night.  Went off my norm and did progressives with 20 lb dumbbells to 15 lbs each hand to exhaustion.

I also did some ab moves, as my friend Becky started a 10 day ab challenge and although it didn't start until today - but I went ahead and did them last night when I was exercising.

I had my Genesis PURE Recovery shake (yum, yum, yum) afterward.

Slept from 11:30 p.m to 6:30 am.

This morning I feel pretty good.  I am also excited as I am taking a jewelry class with Keith Lo Bue - so working on that as well!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sleep deportation...

Anyone else have little ones that sleep in bed with you? I currently have an almost three year old and my eight month old that sleep in bed with me every night. Hubby has lived on the couch for the last two years - as a side note he says its more comfortable, and he's right.

As we are hoping to remodel and wait until the kids are older before moving up stairs (and the fact our stairs are old, narrow and made of wood and concrete) all of our beds are in the one little room on the main floor.

We have our queen bed - just the mattress and a toddler bed and full baby crib in here so there is exactly four x one and a half feet of isle way between the three and just a couple feet if room to the closet.

Seriously thinking of taking the kids beds out and bringing in the twin bed. At least this way maybe I could sneak over to it and actually get some sleep!

I know I won't do it, but on nights like tonight since I have been awake since 2:30 am it sure seems like a great idea. How did you get your kids to sleep in their own beds all night?

Both of mine don't sleep all night and never have.

Hopefully back of to dreaming - in my sleep!