Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 3 (remainder), 4 & 5 of my Anabolic Diet

So day three in the afternoon early evening we actually stayed watching my brother and the CW firemen participate in the State Fireman games. After a 5 hour longer than planned stay and a lot of sun. I had only eaten 4 small deli slices of thinly sliced ham with two slices of American cheese and about 4 pieces of the most wonderful flavored steak skewer I shared with my sister and kiddos. We drank lots of water and I did have a large McDonald's Carmel iced coffee.  

Getting home I did grill up some minute steaks and popped some baked potatoes in the oven for he family. I had a piece of the steak then also had chilies with refried beans and melted Velveeta with ChiChis salsa mixed in. It was awesome. Normally I would have wrapped the chili/beans/cheese mixture up in a tortilla. 

More water and off to bed, sunburn and all. 

Sunday - day 4

Sunday I made 3 eggs for breakfast and coffee. For lunch I reheated leftovers from the night before (exact same meal). 

The Mechanic and I played softball for an hour and half and I also did some weight lifting in shoulders. 

We got Subway takeout. I went with a spinach salad with tomato, steak, pepper jack cheese, onions, green peppers, and a bit of vinegar. I did add two boiled eggs to it at home. Again lots more water. 

Feeling pretty good and leaner. No bloated feelings or puffiness. Not really craving anything. 

Monday Day 5

This morning I drank dang newt an entire pot of coffee with SCM!!  Had two over easy eggs. Lunch consisted of a long beef polish sausage, 4 celery stalks with peanut butter which was by fat my favorite. Again more water. 

I did have a week moment and had several Hershies Kisses with peanut butter. More water. 

For supper I made a roast and had onions and a large salad with tomato, cucumber, two cooked eggs and sunflower seeds. And more water.

Feeling tired and uninspired today. This eveni g I was gracing something sweet. I did cut up a fresh strawberry and added water and a drop of lemon essential oil to it. Worked great for getting something that was just sweet enough. Took away then craving. 

I am still staying leaner than I was. Me Mechanic evens sled what I was doing as he could tell I wasn't as bloated in the evening. 

Hoping tomorrow brings more energy. Althought I did he outside in the core weather to finish up!  

Till Tomorrow!


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