Monday, June 25, 2012

Window frame upcycle

So excited I finally took the time in this 100 degree heat to start a project I had been wanting to get done for a while now.

A couple months ago when I accompanied my husband to the dump, there was a dumpster full of old windows!  I was able to snag 3 out of the pile.  Even though the glass was broken they were gems in my eyes!  If I could have gotten my hubby to fetch all of them for me I would have really been happy, or if he would have let me get in and dig them out I would have been really happy, but being a full 8 months pregnant, he didn't want me in there and I figured 3 was better than none!

Yesterday I grabbed one out of the garage as well as the old cork board I had that was needing a new life.
The window had been painted white on one side and was still a varnished brown on the other.  I had hoped to use the white side as it was the old look I wanted, but the window panes actually went in on this side so I was going to need to use the brown side.

Out came the reliable off white paint gallon and in no time I had her painted.  I didn't do the best job, as I thought I might scuff it up a bit later.

I had some awesome heavier fabric that I wanted to use to cover the cork board, as it was looking pretty shabby.

My son Ax, and I got it out of the frame, measured it out and begin cutting away.

Unfortunately it wasn't quite the right length, but I did have an extra piece so we cut those to fill in the bottom gaps.

After laying out the material and hot gluing the fabric to the cork board we put the panels in place and tacked in some small nails on the back to hold everything in place.

I cut off the side ropes and put her on my old dresser on the back porch.  Ready for use!
I'm sure it won't take any time at all to fill it (and the dresser) up!

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