Thursday, August 9, 2012

52 weeks of Pinterest...might become 104 weeks!

Wow this past week (ok two weeks) have been really busy.  Nothing too major going on, but just seems like I haven't been able to get anything extra done.

My 52 weeks of Pinterest may turn into 104 weeks!  Didn't get my last week done, and honestly haven't got anything planned for this week as well.  

Need to get on the horse and get going! 

I have been watching the Olympics and am loving about all of it except water polo.  I just can't get into it.  They are very athletic and amazing swimmers, but I guess just not a sport for me.  Plus, all the crack shots don't get me too excited.  Think I get tired just watching it.

One of my favorite things has been Al Michaels.  I think he does an excellent job as a commentator and middle man.  (Although I am looking forward to football coming back.)

Check out the Jamberry Nail Shields that can coordinate in cheering for your favorite team!

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Tonight will for sure be a channel flipping night.  Olympics, Broncos preseason opener against the Bears AND Project Runway!  Why does everything always have to be on at the same times, and yet other nights there is absolutely nothing on!

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