Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 2 - Anabolic Diet

Woke up this morning feeling pretty good but with a sore neck.  The Mechanic had to run to Oklahoma in the middle of the night - so when two little ones ended up in bed with me - I found the couch.  Needless to say my neck had a kink or two in it this morning.

I started my day with a large glass of Lemon water (I use Young Living essential oils - contact me if you want to get signed up or order some!)

Wasn't too hungry and had planned to work out right away, but this dang jewelry making and my creative mind got in the way.  Here are some quick photos:

Working on making a necklace.  Oh I love doing this!!

 Pendant for another necklace.

This girl is started.  I am trying to decide how I want to hang the vintage pin in the middle for the focal.  Loving this one as well. 

These are sure going to be hard to sell as I am going to want to keep them all!

Bits and pieces I started with.

So back to my eating day:

3 cups of coffee through out the day (added sweetened condensed milk)

Several glasses of water.

For breakfast I cooked up 3 eggs and since we had some of our hunters here last weekend they brought some Turkey bacon.  I fried it up and then thought, I have to have a veggie in here.  So I grabbed some frozen spinach and cooked it in Coconut Oil (which I have actually been using on my face and hair!)

Threw it all on a plate and dug in.  Spinach like that - all I can say is YUCK.  I ran for the garlic salt and pepper.  It did help, but I had to tell myself to just eat it quickly.  Won't be doing that one again.  Did I say yuck?!

Turkey bacon isn't bad but good old pork bacon can't be beat!

Lunch was  - hum I can't even remember!!!  This is not good.  But it was good for me - no cheating there.

I did have another chocolate and peanutbutter egg for a snack with water.

Supper I cooked up some fish (who knows what kind but it did come from Alaska - that much I know)  I think it was trout.  Baked it in butter and lemon oil and had some green/red peppers that I had previously cut up and froze.  I threw some olive oil and garlic salt then put them in the oven as well.

Supper was quite yummy.  I was still a .bit hungry so I had a small chunk of PepperJack cheese.

I now need to go to the grocery store! :)

I did get some leg exercises in several times today.  When I started this morning I was in the middle of lunges and low and behold I look out my window and there is a freakin' snake acting like he owned the place.  He now resides in the ditch across the road!  Oh - and is dead!

So I kinda did exercises all day long.

So far feeling pretty good.  Not craving anything.  Hungry, but not hungry (like normal).  I don't feel bloated and I have been peeing - a lot!  :)

Really need to dig out our scale and weigh myself!

Till tomorrow-

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