Sunday, March 29, 2009

#9 in Action

Ok, so I'm a bit proud and figure she deserves her own post.

This is about my sister, Hillary.

We are working on getting her a nice little scholarship for college to play softball on.

Since its the wrong season for High School sports, she is again playing Baseball with the boys.

Tuesday they played their first game and as a Junior (girl none the less, if you haven't figured it out) she was the varsity starter at 2nd base.

Now normally in softball this is one of her main positions she plays, but to make the varsity team as a starter is just SWEET!!

Hillary got to bat 3 times in the Varsity game, striking out the first time (although she did hit a foul ball first), the second time she got a hit plus an RBI. Unfortunatually its a bit longer between bases in Baseball than Softball, and she was thrown out at 2nd on the next hit.

Her third time up, the Manzanola pitcher must have been scared and walked her!

They won that game, but I don't remember the score.

For the JV game she played Left Field. Which in itself says something as that is not a position to take lightly!!

She also hit off BOTH pitches in the JV game as well!!

So, just wanted to boast about her and tell her HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY tomorrow on the 30th!!
I love you and am so proud of you!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

#Blizzard09 in Colorado

Ok, so I'm referencing my Twitter tag in #Blizzard09, but hey, that's what this little blog is about.

Important measures to take when a snow storm is coming or in the process:

1. Make sure your tractor is charged if you even have an inkling you will need it!!!
(it sucks to have to go back and charge it later! - I'm doing it now!)

2. Quickly walk outside first to see the weather. I started in my warm RedHead hunting pants this morning (love them by the way, except the 2 top buttons - don't stay buttoned all the time), then within about 2 minutes I was back in putting on my Volcom snowboard pants, as they are not as heavy and made for the snow too!

3. Don't let your husband leave when a snow storm is coming! Ok, so maybe with a family emergency, but otherwise its much nicer to put him on the tractor instead of me!

4. Make sure you have enough propane to keep the house warm (or some other warming device if you depend on another source of heat.

5. Enjoy the snow!! (the farmers sure are!)

6. Eat a good breakfast, as you will be sweating an hour after being outside (that is if you are tromping all over in the snow and actually trying to work, and you will need all the energy you can get.

7. Figure out how to get more followers on your Blog and Twitter accounts!! (will work on this later today when I'm tired from working out side.

8. Be grateful that I only have to deal with snow and not floods or hurricanes!!

Friday, March 6, 2009 I come!

I have been Twittering for awhile thru Abby Girl, our Mascot for Double D Puppies. ( and Abby_Girl on (

Its a great way to be more interactive with our website and to do quick updates in more of a real time. It doesn't have many followers, but wasn't necessarly ment to.

Basically I thought it would be a great way to do quick updates if we have a new litter born, deposit put down on a puppy or just have something funny to say in my Mini Doxie's point of view.

Now I have started my "own" Twitter! SallyLahm =

So check me out!

I even was able to find a app and upload it on my phone so I can Tweet when ever I want!

I can't wait to start to use it and find new friends and followers on it.

Aaron Baily, who purchased a Mini Beagle from me last year has been my only follower until today when The Claramont Inn added them as followers too!

Then Aaron ( made a tweet in reguards to his new Kindle showing up today and his puppy drooling all over it!

Incredible how things just start...then more come...and more - so if you find this - add yourself to a follower of my blog...I'm funny, honest and a down right great person to follow!

Happy Tweeting - if you have a great Tweet, let me know and I will check you out!!!