Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sleep deportation...

Anyone else have little ones that sleep in bed with you? I currently have an almost three year old and my eight month old that sleep in bed with me every night. Hubby has lived on the couch for the last two years - as a side note he says its more comfortable, and he's right.

As we are hoping to remodel and wait until the kids are older before moving up stairs (and the fact our stairs are old, narrow and made of wood and concrete) all of our beds are in the one little room on the main floor.

We have our queen bed - just the mattress and a toddler bed and full baby crib in here so there is exactly four x one and a half feet of isle way between the three and just a couple feet if room to the closet.

Seriously thinking of taking the kids beds out and bringing in the twin bed. At least this way maybe I could sneak over to it and actually get some sleep!

I know I won't do it, but on nights like tonight since I have been awake since 2:30 am it sure seems like a great idea. How did you get your kids to sleep in their own beds all night?

Both of mine don't sleep all night and never have.

Hopefully back of to dreaming - in my sleep!

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