Saturday, July 21, 2012


Goals...what can I say, I hate to set goals, but I'm really needing to and get them accomplished!

Its not that I don't like to set goals, it just seems they never get marked off the list.  I have the best intentions of getting them done, then they just never happen.

For instance, I had a new baby 2 months ago, and this excess weight I have carried for the last 3 years (as I have a 2 year old as well) is driving me nuts!!  No I have no ambition to be super skinny or anything, but some nice muscle tone and definition would be nice.  Before I got pregnant with my 2 year old, I was getting there, then my body just went nuts and I get huge when pregnant. 

I ordered Insanity and tried to work out after 3 weeks of having Elexx.  Not a good idea.  Kinda slipped my mind I have a few slipped disks in my lower back. Hurt for almost a month, and some days, I couldn't hardly walk!  Talk about awful, and there isn't much that you can do except rest and hot/cold compresses.

Finally started to feel better and decided to do one of the Zumba CD's that I have.
I got about 3/4 thru it before I had to quit, but decided it was kinda boring (when I had once really liked it).  So tried it again and let me tell you the first 10 minute warm up will have you dripping in sweat!

I have done the first video twice and the cardo once.  I know I am not in order that they say, but I just don't want to chance doing pylometrics yet.  When it comes up instead of jumping I just pull one leg up as high as I can get it.  Figure I'm still working out and something is better than nothing.

Haven't got all the way thru them without stopping, but don't feel too bad, as the other people in the videos have some great bodies, but they even have a heck of a time keeping up and take brakes!  (you can tell the cardio queens though!)

I have been doing them every other day until 4 days ago, and haven't done anything since, so today, back on the Insanity roller coaster!  But I do have to say I felt great and can tell the difference not doing it for a few days (crazy, as I NEVER thought I would say that!)

So today I am hoping to work on my goal poster that I had started.  Have a great and hopefully cool weekend!

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