Saturday, July 14, 2012

Burnt Polymer and Pinterest (again)

Earlier today I had put a few pieces of Polymer clay into my little oven to harden.  I had everything set then walked away to get some other chores done.

About 20 minutes later I walk into my kitchen and my eyes go wide as I think, what is burning???

Look into the mud room and my Polymer clay oven has smoke coming out of it!  My first thought was so glad my husband isn't home, second thought was, what the heck happened?

I quickly got over to it and low and behold the temperature was set to 450!  I had set it at 250.  My adorable always active little 2 year old, Axle had to of turned it up! 

Thankfully I just had some practice/scrap pieces in there.

In the mean time I have moved the smoking oven outside on top of the air conditioner and have begun to try to air out the house (hopefully before The Mechanic comes home!)

So as I am sitting here shaking my head I check out Pinterest and lo and behold my friend Casey has pinned a photo of a DIY room air freshner.

Which more project done!

Its from The Burlap Bag

What you need:
A container
Baking soda
Essential oil
Foil (or a lid you want to ruin and poke holes in)

Put in Jar, add 8 or so drops of Essential Oil.

Easy as pie to get done!  I added Young Livings Abundance (as who doesn't need more of it, and Lemon Grass.)  

 Axle also decided to give one of the little puppies a bath as well! 


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