Friday, March 6, 2009 I come!

I have been Twittering for awhile thru Abby Girl, our Mascot for Double D Puppies. ( and Abby_Girl on (

Its a great way to be more interactive with our website and to do quick updates in more of a real time. It doesn't have many followers, but wasn't necessarly ment to.

Basically I thought it would be a great way to do quick updates if we have a new litter born, deposit put down on a puppy or just have something funny to say in my Mini Doxie's point of view.

Now I have started my "own" Twitter! SallyLahm =

So check me out!

I even was able to find a app and upload it on my phone so I can Tweet when ever I want!

I can't wait to start to use it and find new friends and followers on it.

Aaron Baily, who purchased a Mini Beagle from me last year has been my only follower until today when The Claramont Inn added them as followers too!

Then Aaron ( made a tweet in reguards to his new Kindle showing up today and his puppy drooling all over it!

Incredible how things just start...then more come...and more - so if you find this - add yourself to a follower of my blog...I'm funny, honest and a down right great person to follow!

Happy Tweeting - if you have a great Tweet, let me know and I will check you out!!!

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