Friday, November 23, 2012

Spend locally and with small businesses!

As Christmas is quickly approaching and I know several are out or have been Black Friday shopping today, please remember to support your local handmade artists, small businesses and independent reps!  These are all the people in your community and friends that can use your support!

The big box stores can be nice for a quick one shop stop, but do you realize how much you can help a family if you shop in the small business sector?

You help your friends, family and community when you stay local!

I understand you can't get that huge flat screen TV with all the gadgets in most smaller towns or small shops but there are LOTS of other great gifts you can get.

Most people love to get something that they know you have put the thought into!  Even if it isn't handmade, supporting an Independent Representative from one of the many different businesses out there helps just as much!

I will try to be adding the ones I know over the next few days!  If you would like to be included please let me know and I will be happy to add your information over the next few days!

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