Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jessica Ridgeway...hoping and praying.

My heart sinks with hearing of a little 10 year old girls abduction in Westminster, CO.

Jessica Ridgeway was abducted on her way to school on Friday.  Just so sad, it seems like all we hear about are kids disappearing lately.

Jessica has yet to be found, but they did announce tonight that a body has been found.  I have mixed emotions about this.  First, my heart just hurts for this family.  To know a body has been found, but to not know anything, I can't imagine the pain that this night will be.

Then to hear that ABC news has law enforcement investigators inside the investigation telling them this is her.  I don't understand why any news station would say anything in this range without having absolute conformation from the police department.  If its not her - they will just sweep it under the rug.

As a parent I think I would just want to find a hole and hide from everyone and any mention of Jessica unless to tell me she is home tonight.  I would think this is the worst thing to hear since they discovered she vanished.  A body, but no information.

It just gives me the chills thinking of it.

I had been trying to keep tabs on the two cousins who were abducted from Iowa almost 3 months ago and still no answers and no girls.  The last article I could find was from Sept 13th.

How do you go on after something like this?  I would be an emotional wreck.

It just makes me sad and sick that people abduct children.  There is also a young girl, I believe Avery is 16 from a town near by us in Elbert, CO that was taken from the 16th street Mall in Denver about a month ago.

She was performing with a group of kids from her town.  Thankfully they found her about 4 days later in Boulder.  She was heavily drugged and was not a runaway.  Sounds like this poor girl will have quite a recovery.  But the thing is you never heard about her on the news.

I wonder if it is the age that determines if you get on tv or how much airs about you.  Several people had thought she was a runaway and her family continued to state she would not run away.  The family was right, but its hard to hear they have to almost fight the system to get Avery's kidnapper put into custody.  I have never found anything in the media about what has happened with this guy.

All any of us can do is hug our children and hope and pray they are always kept safe and secure.  I think of these families and wonder what would I do?  How would I respond if something happening to one of my kids?  What else should I be telling or showing my kids to keep them safe?

Please keep all these families in your thoughts and prayers and I truly hope the body that was found is not little Jessica and that she will be found quickly, safe and sound.  If it isn't Jessica, I pray for and think of the family of this person.

Funny how I can easily say pray for this family and that one, and I know I do, but in ways I just wonder why a God would allow this.  I have been struggling lately with faith.  Is God real?  Does he exist?  Why does it seem like the same people get all the luck?  Do you just not like me?  So many questions and all I can find is "believe".  How do I believe when I am so skeptical and unsure?

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