Friday, September 21, 2012

Ever Heard of A Shiba Inu?

Have you ever heard of a Shiba Inu dog?  If not and you are thinking of getting a new pet you need to check out this awesome breed!

They are very loyal and are (in my opinion) a more grown up dog.  I find young couples and newlyweds are most drawn to the Shibas for several reasons.

1.  Beauty - you can't beat the beautiful colors of a Shiba.  If you get a red one make sure to take pictures of him each month.  When he is one go back and see how bright his coat now is! 

2.  Cleanliness - Shibas and one of the best dogs for keeping themselves clean!  Seldom needing a bath (unless you come across the skunk!) these babies like to keep themselves clean and tidy.

3.  Low maintence - They do shed basically in the spring and fall, but it can be easily contained in a few good heavy brushings.  Their hair also falls out in "tufts" and can easliy be grabbed out by your hands.

4.  No grooming - Unless you really want to go see your groomer, Shibas really only need their toe nails clipped!  You can also make sure to take walks on concrete and this will also act as a nail file!

5.  Intelligence - Shibas are no stupid dog!  They are very intelligent and require owners who can stay one step ahead of them.

Shibas are know to "bolt" if off leash.  We recommend using the harness collars if you are out walking or hiking with your Shiba.  This gives you much more control of your dog and you also dont' have to worry about the "whip neck" if he starts to take off and you hold him back!

Check out some of our available puppies that are ready to go home:
Please contact Sally at 719-349-0651 or for more information!

They all come with our 1 year health guarantee,  registration papers from APRI and a complete medical record!

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