Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lani has inspired me...

My friend, Lani, who is a wonderful artist and crafter has inspired me to start to put my stuff up on

You can find me under themechanicswife.

I can't believe its been since April since I have wrote on my blog, but I plan to post something every week!

Might even take a hit at Lani's Wish list Wednesday, and do my own version (like I said, Lani is very talented!!)

Here are a few items I have posted so far.

Also still working on my Girls Guide to Hunting Ebook and just started my new Your Wedding Flower Guide ebook!

Trying to get both out soon!

Hunting season is now coming up and things will really get busy soon...

I'm also on Twitter!
Check me out: SallyLahm
my Mini Doxie: Abby_Girl
and my flowers: myweddingflower

1 comment:

Lani Robertson said...

hey are the SWEETEST thing! i am so glad to see that you are now a part of etsy! YAY! you are also so very talented and i wish you LOTS of luck! :)

love ya,
lani :)