Thursday, January 8, 2009

New World Record Elk taken in Utah!


The dream many have...finding and legally taking a world record Elk (or any other animal for that matter!)

The hunter, Dennis Austad of Ammon, Idaho; had obtained an Elk Conservation Permit from the Utah Conservation Department for $150,000.00 to be able to hunt anywhere in the State of Utah over several months.

The elk nicknamed "The Spider Bull" for his non-typical rack (meaning that it had ununiform spikes), was certified by the Boone & Crockett Club, based in Missoula, MT as having a score of 478-5/8.

It rack is also know as a 9 x 14, meaning the left antler had 9 points while the right had 14 points. Now that's a big bull!

But even if you are not after the "Big Boy", and just enjoy hunting; Elk hunting is a great experience.

I have been invited to come for the past two years, and although I haven't bagged my Elk yet, there still out there waiting for me.

Its amazing to be in the mountains and to know these great animals are sharing your space around you, and not only Elk. You can find all different wild animals when you are in the mountains hunting.

I sometimes get more carried away taking pictures and following tracks of other animals to try to "see" them, I have to stop and start to look for the Elk again (but, please don't tell my husband this!).

The beauty and fresh air is something you can't forget. This past year more women and kids were taking part in hunting and it was really neat to see families together!

You can go to the Boone and Crockett Club site here to check out the picture!

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