Monday, November 10, 2008

Burr...its cold!!

What a blistery cold, November day!

Phew, I'm glad I got the chores done early today, as the rain is coming down and the ice has begun!

A chill in the air to let me know winter is well on its way!

But, what a fun day to finally get a blog started.

I have been pondering the though of starting my own blogs. I have followed several and am intrigued by what they can do!

My first business, Double D Puppies ( is a huge undertaking. I am busy 24/7 with taking care of my wonderful dogs and puppies!

Its a wonderful experience to meet new faces and families and know those who will love my puppies and have them become a part of the family!

A puppy can up lift your day in ways you would never think! The joy of seeing someone so excited to see you; you pick them up and the first thing they do is lick your nose! Good morning!!

What a joy I get to do it everyday!

I have many things I love to do and have tons of ideas floating around in my head just waiting to come out and present themselves!

Internet marketing is a huge one for me. I just love it!

Now if I can only get it all figured out! (which incidently will probably never happen!)

I am currently working on my first e-book "A Girls Guide To Hunting".

As well as working on getting my clothing line "Country Girl Camo" launched as well. CGC is just in the beginning stages, but I think it will be huge!! Cabellas, here I come!

I also love jewelry, so I am always looking for and figuring out how to make something that looks awesome!

I am hoping to include it in my CGC lines!

Now, unfortunatully supper calls!

Till next time...

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